Learn responsible AI from the best practitioners and academics, through our accessible, diverse, inclusive, and project-driven programs, fully focused on your success.


UPCOMING BOOTCAMP | 26 weeks | October 22nd to May 23rd - MAPFRE TOWER, Barcelona

AI and Data Science Part-Time Bootcamp

Transition into a new career in Data science and AI at your own pace.
Our 26 weeks program will help you kick-start your career in Artificial Intelligence.
Full and partial Scholarships available - MORE INFO.

UPCOMING BOOTCAMP | January 13 to MARCH 20 - MAPFRE TOWER, Barcelona

AI Engineer Full-Time Bootcamp

A fully immersive 10 weeks program to launch your career in Artificial Intelligence.
Full and partial Scholarships available - MORE INFO.


Why us?


Plan for the future

There is no doubt that AI is here to stay. As the computing power increases, so does the collection of data and thus, the potential of deep learning algorithms. Our courses will offer you the opportunity to get a head start in this new challenging field.

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We tailor to you

From a weekend to a fully immersive bootcamp, we offer you tailored ways in which to learn, adapted to your objectives, existing skill level and your availability. Tell us how and what you want to learn, and we’ll tailor the best program for you.

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Our teachers

All our teachers are experienced AI practitioners, coming from a combination of academia and industry. We will cover the fundamental theory and implement practical exercises both from scratch and using the latest tools. Because of this, our programs are usually longer and more intense.

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Whether you start from zero or are already an experienced programmer looking to enhance your skills, has a program tailored to you.

All our programs are presencial, and can take place either in our training centers in Barcelona or at your premises (in company or at your institution).


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AI and Data Science Bootcamp

We offer both a full-time, 10 weeks bootcamp and a part-time 26 weeks programme where you’ll get all the knowledge and training needed to kickstart your career as an AI engineer and data scientist.

The program combines fundamental theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical programming, which will then get applied to a real, end to end AI project.

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Novice series

Suited to individuals that have no prior technical knowledge of programming and would like to learn AI in the future.


Acquire the foundational technical skills in Python, one of the core languages for AI. We will also cover the main ML libraries, the math fundamentals and an introduction to Neural Networks…

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Curious series

Suited to product managers / executives without prior knowledge of either technical or conceptual aspects of AI that don’t have the time to learn how to code but could benefit from the application of AI in their company.

Ai for everyone (25 hours)

Understand the current status of AI technologies - the opportunities, the dangers, what the technology can do, how and where to apply it, and how to benefit from investing in AI.

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How we work



The key to the success of our courses is both our world class instructors and our motivated fellows and their ability to help each other.

We match instructors and fellows according to their goals and ensure that they work together to push their projects beyond their comfort zone.

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Learn by Doing

The AI scientist mindset is forged by combining the theoretical lessons and building open-source projects which enable our students to implement and test end-to-end AI projects with real customers.


Intensive focus

In a world of distractions, we provide the right environment and incentives so our fellows can focus on learning and coding AI during intense and highly actionable work sessions, with meaningful projects being achieved as outcomes.

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Nora Lama

Associate Account Strategist at Google

“The thing that improved my knowledge the most was the learn-by-doing methodology. ... It doesn’t matter how much experience you have or even which background you are from”


Alberto Moreno

Product Owner at Haufe Group

“My expectations from the course were to meet the right kind of people and learn how to implement the cutting edge technologies in the field. Anyone interested in AI should definitely join this!”


Uxue Lazcano

Data Scientist at Hospital del Mar (IMIM)

“Cuando estaba acabando las clases del máster de bioinformática, justo me enteré de que existía la Inteligencia artificial y el deep learning. El curso era justo lo que buscaba.”


Irene Font Peradejordi

AI Masters Student at Cornell Tech University

“What happens if what we think is useful for society is also harmful? I am keen on solving the issues regarding bias and AI, particularly the human bias”


David Collado

Software Engineer

Even if you don’t know that much, you just have to go for it. There is no easy way but it will eventually get easier. It is a great atmosphere, you can find people from every kind of background doing this because it’s their passion.


Joan Melchor

Cofounder RoboCAT

This course got me more in depth, I didn’t know anything about AI and now I know where to find all the knowledge. Initially it was easy because we all were so eager to do AI.

Our students are working on responsible and impactful AI projects for some of the best companies or institutions in the world


Our Impact

Diverse, ethics-oriented, open-source, global, on-the-cutting-edge, challenging, meaningful, human-centric and actionable. Our mission is to ensure anyone can play a meaningful part of our AI-driven future.



our cities

While is only available in Barcelona, we’ve already developed AI Saturdays in several cities including Madrid, Tarragona, Alicante, Almeria, Valencia, Guayaquil, Quito, San Jose, Abu Dhabi ...and many more to come. We’re going global!



our projects

From early identification of refugee boats to optimising a network of EV, real, impactful projects have been built by our community


our community

Already more than 523 alumni of have boosted their career and their impact by taking one of our courses.

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