AI Engineer bootcamp -
10 weeks

10 weeks to change your life, transform your career, and prepare you for the future of work. During this intensive, full time experience, you will go from learning the fundamentals of AI all the way to implementing your own neural network and applying it to a real world problem. In other words, you’ll become an AI hero.
The bootcamp is in English and requires a good level of Python programming



Program overview

key outcome

You’ll be a kick ass AI engineer (OK, junior, but still) with a portfolio of real projects to showcase your skills.


10 weeks, 400+ hours


Mapfre tower,
C/ de la Marina, 16, Barcelona


Presential - Full time - 9 to 6 pm


Python coding experience required

tuition fee

€5990 €4790 Early Bird*


14th october-20th December


* 20% Early Bird fee available for applications received before the 31st of July.
Full and partial Scholarships available - MORE INFO.


Who is it for?

This program is perfect if your ambition is to pursue a career as a Data Scientist or AI engineer.

It is an extensive and rigorous curriculum which will enable you to start or boost your career as a technical AI expert, and apply your knowledge to solve real world problems.

Although it is suitable for people from diverse backgrounds, it does require some minimum experience programming in Python and a solid knowledge of math, statistics and probability.




The bootcamp starts with a powerful introduction to the current and historical context of AI, highlighting the massive opportunities of the technology as well as its inherent dangers, and presents the AI hero pledge which all students are asked to abide by.

The program is then structured around 4 core modules

2 - machine learning

The second module dives straight into Machine Learning, working across real world challenges to master classification, regression  and clustering, with both structured and unstructured data sets. Students will start working with dedicated AI libraries and tools. We’ll also cover real case studies with practitioners from various sectors.

1 - AI fundamentals: Python, statistics, maths for AI Introduction and context

We begin coding with Python, covering Computer Science fundamentals and drawing upon libraries and automation scripts to solve complex problems quickly. This module also covers a refresher of the key mathematical concepts required for AI, in particular linear algebra, vectors and matrices.


3 - Neural networkS and deep learning

Leveraging the machine learning knowledge acquired previously, this module will challenge students to get to the cutting edge of current AI technology. After a theoretical introduction to Neural network and their architecture, we’ll get to hands on work with the most advanced tools and frameworks such as Pytorch and tensorflow, applying the theoretical knowledge to some transfer learning applications. By the end of this module, CNN, GAN, reinforcement learning or NLP will be part of every student’s knowledge stack.

4 - Project work and showcase

The program would not be complete without putting all the knowledge into real application. The last module will focus entirely on developing a real world project, entirely based on the student’s own interest, either working in teams or individually. This will be capped by a demo day, where the students will showcase their AI prowess in public, in front of potential employers or other professionals.




Nora Lama

Associate Account Strategist at Google

“The thing that improved my knowledge the most was the learn-by-doing methodology. ... It doesn’t matter how much experience you have or even which background you are from”


Alberto Moreno

Product Owner at Haufe Group

“My expectations from the course were to meet the right kind of people and learn how to implement the cutting edge technologies in the field. Anyone interested in AI should definitely join this!”


Uxue Lazcano

Data Scientist at Hospital del Mar (IMIM)

“Cuando estaba acabando las clases del máster de bioinformática, justo me enteré de que existía la Inteligencia artificial y el deep learning. El curso era justo lo que buscaba.”


Irene Font Peradejordi

AI Masters Student at Cornell Tech University

“What happens if what we think is useful for society is also harmful? I am keen on solving the issues regarding bias and AI, particularly the human bias”


David Collado

Software Engineer

Even if you don’t know that much, you just have to go for it. There is no easy way but it will eventually get easier. It is a great atmosphere, you can find people from every kind of background doing this because it’s their passion.


Joan Melchor

Cofounder RoboCAT

This course got me more in depth, I didn’t know anything about AI and now I know where to find all the knowledge. Initially it was easy because we all were so eager to do AI.

Our students are working on responsible and impactful AI projects for some of the best companies or institutions in the world


Next Class

14th october - 20Th December, 2019

Carrer de la Marina, 16, 18, 08005 Barcelona

Monday to Friday

9:00 AM to 18:00 PM