AI for everyone (25 hours)

Take a deep dive into the business opportunities of AI as well as the current status of the technology, its limitations and some of the most important ethical considerations. What is artificial intelligence? What does it mean for business? And how can you position yourself and or your company or organisation to take advantage of it?

Kickstart your AI journey in one weekend!


Program overview

key outcome

You will have a strong understanding of what AI actually is and how you can leverage it to develop your career and apply it in a business context.


20 Hours program


Mapfre tower, c/ Marina 16, 18, Barcelona


Presential - Full time weekend


Suitable for beginners

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Who is it for?

AI is not only for engineers. It is a powerful technology that we should all learn to understand and use. From doctors to journalists to managers to our society as a whole, AI represents the biggest opportunity and potential threat in the years to come. The AI for everyone program aims to give you the right compass in order to cut through the smoke and navigate through this technological change successfully.

This program is suitable for people from all backgrounds (technical or not) that need to understand what AI really is, how to apply it in their work environment as well as the soft skills required to manage AI-driven initiatives.



As a program or project manager

You will get acquainted with the prerequisites for implementing AI-driven initiatives, the tools and frameworks for understanding and measuring their impact, as well as the limitations of AI and where it may not be applicable.  

As a product or business unit manager

You will get equipped with the tools, methodologies and frameworks for leveraging AI in your work environment and applying it to deliver improvements, innovation or even direct bottom line impact.




AI Fundamentals


Starting an AI Project


ai in business


How AI is transforming society


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