Frequently Asked Questions


What knowledge of Python and AI should I have?


It depends on the program. The novice series is designed for someone with no prior knowledge of Python and AI, the data series requires you to know python well with no prior AI knowledge and the immersive bootcamp will also teach you everything from scratch but we will ask for 100% of your attention and hard work in return.


What is the difference between the weekend programs and the immersive bootcamp?


The bootcamp is a fully immersive experience for over 12 weeks, with a dedication of more than 540 hours, in which students are expected learn and practice daily, ending with a final project and a demo day. The essence of the weekend programs is to give short introductions (20-40 hours) to a particular topic in AI, whether it is starting with Python or deep convolutional neural networks.


Why do you teach on-site?


Our belief is that being able to interact and learn in person enables us to provide you with the most valuable form of education and allows you to spark meaningful connection with your peers. We are testing several forms of online learning but won’t release them until we can guarantee that there is no drop in the quality of what you get out of the program.


What is the difference between this program and others?


Most of the teachers come from industry, so we are able to cover relevant topics in a useful way, fast. In addition, the focus of the lessons is not on the teaching per-se but on giving you the tools to troubleshoot and solve all kinds of AI challenges yourself, enabling you to later learn on your own as you begin your job in the field.


What will I learn?


It depends on the specific course that you pick. Our focus is to give you theory on the AI area that you choose and challenge you with relevant exercises that will enable you to go beyond the average practitioner.


How will I learn?


While everyone’s learning method is different, we can tell you more about our teaching methodology: we will do lectures on theory in the morning, we will pair you with a classmate to run through the exercises in the evening and we will give you plenty of brain food and additional challenges if you want to go beyond what is covered during that day.


What type of computer do I need?


Ideally, you will need a computer with Ubuntu or OSX install. We can walk you through the dual-boot if you have Windows. For weekend courses, any operative system is fine. 
Minimum requirements:

  • 1.6 GHz Processor

  • 4 GB RAM

  • 120 GB Hard Drive


  • 2 GHz Processor

  • 8 GB RAM

  • 256 GB Hard Drive (preferably solid state)


How will you enable my slow computer to deploy computationally expensive ML models?


Don’t worry about that. Let’s just say that the cloud enables us to withdraw most of the common pc limitations.