Diverse, ethics-oriented, open-source, global, on-the-cutting-edge, challenging, meaningful, human-centric and actionable.

Our mission is to ensure anyone can play a meaningful part of our AI-driven future.

But not just any future.

We stand for a future in which we have responsible and ethical AI implementation and ask all our students to read, acknowledge and sign The AI Hero pledge.


The AI Hero Pledge

  • I will aim to apply AI for the benefit of humanity at all times.

  • I will respect every human's privacy as if it were my own.

  • I will strive to share the knowledge I develop with others.

  • I will seek to be a positive role model for others to emulate.

  • I will think carefully about the impact of my models and strive to prevent harm at all costs.

  • I will do my best to mitigate the impact of bias in my work.

  • I will prioritize human concerns over technological concerns.

  • I will work to reduce human inequalities.

  • I will keep my word.


Do you accept the pledge?