Scholarships for women in Artificial Intelligence

The #WeAllFit Scholarship program for the October AI Engineer Bootcamp is made possible thanks to the support of Spaces Port Olímpic

The world needs you.

Currently, only 22% of the world’s AI professionals are women. At Akademy.AI we profoundly dislike this statistic and, as part of our AI ethics pledge, we are committed to ensuring future gender parity in the field. That is why we are offering a full scholarship for our 10 weeks AI Engineer Bootcamp.

The application process for the October cohort is now closed.
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Transform your career in 10 weeks

The AI Engineer Bootcamp is an intensive, full time experience where you will start by learning the fundamentals of AI and go all the way to implementing your own neural network and applying it to a real world problem. Our commitment is to fully prepare you to get into a junior Data scientist or AI engineer role, and apply your knowledge towards positive contributions to society.

If you are a woman ready to use the power of AI for social change, we would love you to apply.

Application Deadline for the upcoming cohort: CLOSED

The next cohort of the AI engineer Bootcamp runs from the 14th of October to the 20th of December in our Barcelona campus, Mapfre tower, 27th floor, C/ Marina 16, 18.

PRERequisites to apply:

  • Solid Python experience or Computer Sciences degree - all applicants will need to pass a technical assessment as part of the application process

  • English fluency - all the classes are conducted in English, with English educational material.

  • Unstoppable thirst for learning

  • Watery eyes when talking about AI’s potential for social change


Application process:

> Fill in the application form: This is your opportunity to state your purpose. Tell us why you can be a good ambassador of AI professional minorities and support the development of a more diverse and inclusive AI environment. Tell us what drives you to learn Artificial Intelligence, where and how you want to apply it in your life and career. We are looking for an aptitude, for leaders with the common goal of identifying and addressing real human needs and uphold human values.

> Create and share a public version of your statement of purpose. This can be a youtube video or a Medium blog post, whatever best allows you to express your creativity and talent. Get the widest possible support for it, likes and claps are a strong indicator of your ability to share your message and vision.
For inspiration, please see some of the previous cohort submissions as well as statements from our fellows on the Youtube channel

> Take the technical assessment for the AI engineer Bootcamp. This allows us to assess your technical level and make sure you have the prerequisite knowledge to fully benefit from the Bootcamp. (You will receive the assessment once you have applied)

> Complete all those steps by or before the 15th of September, add a sprinkle of hope and expect our answer by the 20th of September

What’s included in the scholarship?

The full scholarship covers the tuition fee (€5990) of the 10 weeks AI engineer Bootcamp.
All additional expenses associated with attending the Bootcamp are to be covered by the students. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, travel cost to Barcelona as well as food and accommodation (estimated cost of living at 1000€ / month).


We accept and encourage applications from women anywhere in the world, and coming from any background. You must be of legal adult age (18 yo) but there is no upper limit. Similarly, we require no diploma or specific degree for you to apply, as long as you fulfill the prerequisites described above.

Please note that in some cases you may be required to apply for a visa to come study at in Spain. While we will support your visa application process if you receive the scholarship, we cannot take any responsibility for the ultimate issuance of this legal authorization.


If you don’t identify yourself as a woman but you still belong to an underrepresented group within the AI professional environment, you may still be eligible for our We All Fit Scholarship! In the application, we will give you the opportunity to tell us in which way you would like to contribute to create a more diverse AI environment. So, no excuses, apply now!

Application Deadline: CLOSED

The #WeAllFit Scholarship program for the October AI Engineer Bootcamp is made possible thanks to the support of Spaces Port Olímpic


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